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Story date:6/29/2016 5:54:00 PM

Location:Far Rockaway NY


I was off from work yesterday, and Savannah is out of school for now until her summer program gets started. When my doctor's appointment was done we had a bit of free time. I asked her do you want to go to the playground or do you want to go fishing? She yelled FISHING! She has been asking me for a year now so I said let me test the waters.

I picked up some clam and bunker from the bait shop (scooping out a rod I can buy her) then we hit the beach. I got her set up with one of my porgy rigs on my 7' and I set bunker out on my 12', while I used my 9', and a skinner rig for fluke. At one point I went to change my bunker bait and this fluke was on my hook. Savannah was excited about that but really wanted to catch a fish on her rod. She only had crabs take interest in her clam and was a bit upset no fish was caught on her rod. I tried to convince her that we caught that fluke together, sometimes we may not catch a fish when we go, and today was a good day because we were on the beach together fishing. She said she still enjoyed fishing but next time she want to go to the playground...fare enough. I spoke with my Dad afterwards and he gave me some good pointers for next time if she will continue fishing...she's a Antoine so I'm feeling good that there will be a next time...Stay Bent!

Shaka Antoine

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