Catch date:6/30/2016 2:53:00 AM

Story date:6/30/2016 4:01:00 PM

Location:Far Rockaway NY


I think I either had my personal best bass, a shark, or maybe a cow nose ray brake me off last night while bait fishing. I can't get it out of my was big whatever it was. Felt way more heavy than my 25lbs bass...I need therapy.

I had only one two day old bunker, and five salted clams I didn't want to waste so I decided to soak them in the surf . I was catching sand sharks, and skate before I used the head along with a peice that I know stripers tend to hit fast. Crabs had first dibs on the head but it was still in good condition so I sent it back out. Bait was getting more attention so I stopped casting lures to keep an eye on my bait rod. I was three steps away from the rod when I saw the pick might be another skate because the hit was light so I took one step towards my rod keeping my eyes glued on the tip...then it doubled over just about pulling my aluminum sand spike into the ocean.

I go to pick up my rod and the spike came out of the sand with it. I didn't even bother to separate them because I was more concerned about loosing the fish. I go to set the hook, nothing but drag. When I dead stick I set the drag tight enough to let the fish hook itself, and take drag if it runs before I can get to the rod. I reeled down, tighten my drag, and apply pressure on the fish...the weight was like nothing I ever felt. My PB bass was 25lbs I remember how my 12' Carnage II handled that fish but this felt 10 to 15lbs more. The rod was bent so much it made me nervous. I'm thinking what is this? I went to reel the fish and the drag is still complaining...tighten some more! All this time I only felt one no more than three head shakes or deep tail pumps. Whatever this is its not moving much but it's heavy! So I held my rod up to keep pressure on it not gose my line. I let out a Roar of lions proportion just like I always do when I loose a good fish. I inspected my line to find my main was cut clean not any portion of my three way rig, with 50lbs mono/braid, and a 7/0 siwash hook.

The questions I can't get out of my mind are did my braid fail, was my drag too tight, or was it bitten off by another fish because none of my leader was cut? I will never know now because that fish is "the big one that got away" Skunked!

Shaka Antoine

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