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Story date:8/28/2016 3:34:00 PM

Location:Cape Cod Canal MA

Species:Bass, Striped

This makes the third fish I caught during my weekend away from it all fishing the Cape Cod Canal. I took some time out to get the last fish I caught secured on ice so that I can continue fishing through the night. The tide had now changed to fish a particular spot I'm becoming fond of on the Canal. I arrived at the slack water period to toss my eel imitations, and the rigged eel jig head because back home on the inlets slack water are the optimal times to fish takers on any of them.

Once the current got moving other anglers began to line the shore...on the Canal whenever you see this many folks in one area it's a good indication that fish are around. It wasn't a hot bite but if you were in the right spot and had either a Savage gear shad, or sand eel you were catching. I only caught this sub keeper striper while others had caught 30 to 40" fish...mine was on ice already so I was not mad. Fish count for the day was three so what would I complain about. I slept in the truck from four to seven to get ready for the next tide in the same spot I caught the 41.5" fish...Stay Bent!

Shaka Antoine

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