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Story date:8/28/2016 4:34:00 PM

Location:Cape Cod Canal MA

Species:Bass, Striped

Fish four on the Canal helped me to learn a few things about fishing the Canal. It's important to understand the time differences, and the fact that you can't use the same tide location for the entire canal. If you’re on the Cape side there is an hour difference from the mainland side. I also learned the fish really feed on the tides so if you’re in the right spot on the right tide it's a good chance you will catch if your jig is getting down to them because they are staging to feed on bait...or the anticipation of the arrival of bait.

This was my third trip to the Canal. I wanted to make sure I was catching fish. I stuck to a strict game plan to fish the tides at all cost...I'll sleep when I get home so only two to three hours would have to do. So glad I stuck it out. I had it in my head to make it back to the spot I caught the 41.5" fish for that same tide I caught it on yesterday. When I arrived I found a crowd of anglers. No time to wait on the two guys in the spot I like to leave so I squeezed myself next to them. This meant I now had to let more line out to allow my bucktail to reach the rips. My long cast has a reverse switch so I could do that as the jig dropped off the ledge...when I did that this 12lbs fish hit the 5oz custom bucktail made by John in the grate south Bay bait and tackle shop tipped with a red fat cow jig strip.

Many of the bass on the canal fight you in the rips...unless there is rock around. All the fish I caught went straight for the rips, and I had to rely on the power of my 12' Carnage II/long cast to muscle them out of the rips. I was happy to release the first fish of day two. I was confident that I might catch a bigger one later on. My mother asked me to bring her a fish home so I knew I needed another one but I had time for that. Before I arrived I heard someone say the guys fishing here were catching babies, and I didn't see anyone else catching so I had much to be grateful for about catching this fish. The tide was done so that means it's time to start fishing the other location...I love this type of freedom to fish. Stay Bent!

Shaka Antoine

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