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Story date:9/7/2016 3:39:00 PM

Location:Cape Cod Canal MA

Species:Bass, Striped

Most of my friends ran to Montauk with hopes of catching big bass as Hermine crashed the shore. I decided to run back to the Canal to see how would this storm affect the fishing. The Montauk crew had big waves, and small fish.

I had Troy with me on this trip, we had high winds, and rain at times. Troy caught one 8lbs bluefish, and I caught one 10lbs bass (not the fish in photo but about the same size. Water and cell phones don't mix) on my 6oz. Bucktail. The current was very strong, and had me wishing I had a 7oz. Jig to stay down.

All of us had hopes of big fish in this storm but yet once again the big girls were someplace are on there own schedule because it appears the bite turned on after the storm not at the onset. Oh well maybe next time Stay Bent!

Shaka Antoine

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