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Story date:9/19/2016 3:16:00 AM

Location:Long Island NY

Species:Tuna, False Albacore

(Check out the GoPro footage by clicking the blue camera above. Best viewed in FULL Screen) I started out this trip fishing for Stripers during the late hours of the night when most are sleeping…except the “night shift crew” The air temps dipped into 47 degrees at one point. All I could say was Brrr fall time fishing is upon us, and let the fall run begin! When I drove up I found about three or four guys directly in the spot I had in mind to fish once again…this is a case where those that know knows. No worries I had plenty of other areas I could fish so on I went. This was my first time here so this became an exploring session more than catching at this point. The small crew finally went to sleep/left so I went to see what’s going on at my first intended target. I found there was an eddy close to the rocks, and knew if any bait was around they would take shelter in the eddy. I could hear the sound of bass slurping bait on the surface as I walked up. I could tell by the sound of the slurps that these were sub keeper fish with one or two nice sized stripers here feeding…I couldn’t get them to hit anything. It’s always harder to get game fish to hit lures when they are on the small stuff. When the sky just took on the hint of first light ALL the slurps stopped as if someone hit a switch…Skunked on the striper session. But I was not too mad because I often spend the dark hours of night hunting for stripers, and sunrises looking to catch Blue fish…but in this case, False Albacore was my primary target, and would be pretty nice if I caught a few blues as well.
The sun had risen well enough, and Lou was just arriving. We got ourselves set up nicely after a small run in with the female mall cop that patrols the area. I was using my 11’ Penn Battalion/Clash 6000 spooled with 30lbs Spider wire stealth, a barrel swivel tied to 20lbs green MONO…yes mono not Fluorocarbon as a leader, and I did not tie direct I used a 175lbs TA clip…I don’t purposely go against the norm. I just use what I have to catch the fish I fish for. I was first to the water’s edge to see fish rolling, and busting on the surface. My third cast got the attention of a 30” bluefish, and a fly fisherman as he took a killer photo of me fighting the fish. The guy next to us was hooked up on an Albie for sure by the rapid pulsations of his rod tip…Albies and blues running together are Nice! Lou and I saw fish busting up the beach, down the beach, and just about all over the jetty tip…that became our focus! I for one can’t get enough of fishing the tip of any jetty. They seem to call me, keep me calm, and at peace.

Once Lou and I got ourselves positioned on the jetty we didn’t even make it to the tip at this point the action was so hot. I caught my first False Albacore in no time. Lou went back to the truck to get his GoPro because the action was too good not to get on video. Albies were smashing bait far out, close to the jetty, and even the beach lip. Lou mentioned this looks like it will continue all day…boy was Lou right. We even had time to take lunch, and visit a tackle shop to change up Lou’s set up (30lbs line, 25lbs Fluorocarbon) to one similar to mine. As Lou predicted Albies, and Blues were busting until we lost daylight. I lost count of how many Lou caught and dropped because I was having trouble keeping up with my own. That is one of the many reasons why I take photos of every fish I catch…unless I’m wet suiting…I need a GoPro badly. My final count was eight Albies landed, five came off, and three bluefish. This was an Atomic day of fishing with Lou at the start of the fall run…Stay bent!

Shaka Antoine

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