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Story date:9/20/2016 4:14:00 PM

Location:Long Island NY

Species:Tuna, False Albacore

I'm a sentimental guy so my first False Albacore holds a lot of value to me. After many seasons (close to three) I can now say I have caught my first Albie! I was able to gather vital in tel...perks of the network to be in the right place at the right time. I feel like that is 98% of the work required to catch the elusive, and fast swimming little Tunas...the rest is all about your set up and what you use to hook them.

My preference is a 11'Penn Battalion rod, Penn Clash 6000 reel, 30lbs braid, a barrel swivel, green 20lbs mono, I do not tie direct. I use a (175lbs)TA Clip, and tins in the 1.5-4 oz. Range.

I pick a spot that has bait in abundance, a realy good vantage point, wait until I see them busting/rolling on the surface, and cast in that direction. I don't mind if I don't reach them. There eyesight just might allow them to see it anyway. I let my jigs sink to the bottom first before I begin my retrieve. I feel like it gives them a longer look at the lure if it's moving from the bottom to the top back to me at and diagonal angel VS skipping across the surface...covers more ground. I hold my tip as far down as possible sometimes leaning forward at the same time. Fast retrieve works if the lure require but some tins need a slightly slower retrieve to keep its me albies will hit a slower moving tin or fly. Lou and I watched them gracefully take one of the fly fishermen fly right next to us banging away on them VS the aggressive hits on our tins.

My final thought is NEVER ask another fishermen "where" was his/her fish was caught. Most of us went through great lengths to find fish for it to just be given away freely...unless we have that type of relationship. I feel like any serious surf fishermen should be a really good spy, and know how to find out "where" without asking...Stay Bent!

Shaka Antoine

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