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Story date:10/5/2016 6:20:00 PM

Location:Montauk NY

Species:Bass, Striped

.I do my best to plan my Vacations around the fall run so that I can be on the beach when fish are making their migration south. The conditions lined up perfectly with a strong North East blow, Moon was just right, bait was plentiful, and the water temps just took a steep drop. All of this came together on my last day of work, and I wanted to call out so bad but with my last two weeks’ vacation starting I decided to miss the bite because I had time to get on them…took that one on the chin.

I met up with Lou in Montauk the first morning to fish a spot he is fond of. He got there before me and sent me a text “fish are here” I knew it would be good if he sent me a text. When I arrived he was all alone, birds were working a long stretch of the beach…bait is here too! The sea was angry, and the wind was hitting us in the face hard. I thought ok bottles only today but the fish didn’t like that. Lou was connecting on a pencil…in that mess? My guppy couldn’t get to the fish busting so Lou let me use one of his North bar pencils…Stripers and Blues for hours after that. We took a break to check two different spots to make sure the fish were not going nuts elsewhere just in case…Nope! When night fell, and the tide was right we went back to spot one.

The bite was even hotter but this time, it was all Stripers until early the next morning when BIG blues showed up. This time, ONLY darters were working. My compliments to North bar for the daytime bite, and Super Strike on the night bite. Darters were the only lure these Montauk bass would touch. My bass count was 12 with countless blues, and Lou caught more bass during the day while I caught more bass at night. Lou caught the better quality fish @30 lbs. To us, quality over quantity is more desirable…More reports to come for sure…Stay Bent

Shaka Antoine

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