Catch date:1/12/2012 2:30:00 AM

Story date:4/15/2015 11:39:00 PM

Location:Nassau NY


Photo Date Sept 2012
Nassau Bahamas.

Fish type = Ocean Surgeonfish

I was aboard the cruise ship Explorer of the Seas on a 10 day cruise
Knowing i would have lots of time to snorkel the great reefs near the beaches I prepared several hand line rigs made of 3/4 " plywood with 30 to 50 yards of 10 lb test wrapped around the base with a twin porgy rig tied on at the end and a 1 oz bank sinker

I've been on several tourist snorkel adventures in the past, and all the guides have always drawn out small reef fish with either bread, crackers, tortilla chips,etc.

So I took that philosophy, along with the fact that on a cruise ship there is a never ending supply of food (or Bait) and drew out all the small bait fish with crackers and bread that I had prepped into a separate ziplock bags, and put them into a feeding frenzy, then I would have my rig ready to drop to the the area just below all the baitfish with the twin porgy rig baited with breakfast ham. Yes Ham. The larger fish went for it every time and I was quick enough to set the hook on this guy and several others.

My nephew and my son were with me and we were all amazed at how they went for the ham so aggressively. Who knew, next time I'm down there, I'll bring waffles and eggs!!!!!

Tony T

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