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Once again i take a trip down to gropps lake to enjoy my love of fishing when I'm not on the ocean. I ride my bike whenever i feel like it or when i have enough money for night crawlers at the nearby 7 up. I equipped myself with my short rod (mostly for bluegills) and my 7 ft. spinning rod because the day before i found a dead catfish at the boat ramp, influencing my decision to give it a shot. At around 1:00 pm i arrived with all off my necessary gear (providing i can manage carrying it all on my bike). The day provided me with good excitement with a variety of different species such as bass, bluegills, and surprisingly a small snapping turtle. But as all the action took place i tossed out a double hooked rig with two whole night crawlers out into the middle of the lake from shore. I left it there the whole duration of my day until around 6:00 pm when i was about ready to go home. I was a little disappointed since no rod action took place so as i was reeling in my line i didn't expect to have much trouble, other than weeds or a turtle. But as i was pulling it in i suddenly began to feel little twitches on the line. I was of course intrigued by my unexpected hook-up and continued to pull on. But as soon as the whatever mystery creature came to the surface i felt my excitement drop to slight fear. It was an eel. A EEL!!!!!! I knew beforehand to check the species list for this lake before i fished here but never recalled that eel was on the list. So when i came to releasing it i was lucky that it got itself off the hook so that i wouldn't have to touch it. It went back to the lack unharmed and left me with a new fishing story.
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When fishing at gropps lake at around 2:30-5:00pm near across gas station the street determined to catch myself something new like a catfish or something but these bluegills are always fun to catch especially when I'm using my 1 and 1/2 foot pole only because it makes it feel more of a challenge to reel in and also because I'm not casting real far. Tackle included my usual method which is using an small hook i had and tossed it out with a small bobber with some night crawlers . Ended the day catching around 13 bluegills and a bunch of small weeds. The picture above is the latest of the bluegills i caught measuring around 41/2- 5in.
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Here i went to the wall off the inlet to catch some fluke, conditions being less than favorable with occasional rain and little to no action at all. At around 7:00 pm i gave up attempting to catch some little snappers with a sabiki rig for bait and used some live killies for bait. Had to end the day with nothing but this crab. Thats why its called fishing not catching.
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Catch Date: 06/25/2015 15:22 PM

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