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Eclipses in effect already
Crazy morning fittest cast and was on with a super strike needle fish. 2nd cast lost the needle on really big fish. Switch to the darter and continued to smash them till sin came up. Everyone catching just really good morning. Fish are going crazy with this eclipse coming tomorrow. I'm sure tomorrow more will be just as good if not better than today.
fishing report photo of Bass, Striped photo taken on 8/20/2017 5:37:00 AM contributed by JimmyP

Catch Date: 08/20/2017 5:37 AM

Fish Length (in):40 inches

After midnight at Buckroe
The spot were huge and tearing a hook up tonight at Buckroe pier. Even caught a 16in trout in the midst of about 40 11 inchers. Great night at one of my favorite piers after midnight!
fishing report photo of Spot photo taken on 8/20/2017 2:43:00 AM contributed by Skeeter1919

Catch Date: 08/20/2017 2:43 AM

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Double Trouble
Great day fishing the club tourney. Landed two nice smallies on a retro Hula Popper back to back.
fishing report photo of Bass, Smallmouth photo taken on 8/19/2017 3:19:00 PM contributed by The Cranksta

Catch Date: 08/19/2017 15:19 PM

CanuckGotta love those Hula's. Of course as an old guy I have to like retro.
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JimmyNice fish!
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Caught while fluking
fishing report photo of Seabass, Black photo taken on 7/22/2017 1:13:00 PM contributed by Dan

Catch Date: 07/22/2017 13:13 PM

Blast From The Past
Just found this pictur from 13 years ago of my son and I with a spring time catch of winter flounder. This was about 2 weeks before my son's 9th birthday-ironically now at the age of 22 he is a mate on the same boat .
fishing report photo of Flounder photo taken on 1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM contributed by Skolmann
Got this nice seabass while out fluke fishing.
fishing report photo of Seabass, Black photo taken on 1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM contributed by Skolmann
Bucktail's Work Best for me While Jigging
I had some custom bucktails made just for my time spent on the Canal by John from Great South Bay bait&'s the only bucktails I have been able to catch fish with while jigging the Canal. This bucktail mega shad/slugo combo has proven to cull in some fish when they get picky in one particular spot. This combo comes in close to 7oz so I can only cast it at the top of the Ebb or I might loose it.
fishing report photo of Bass, Striped photo taken on 8/14/2017 5:02:00 PM contributed by Shaka Antoine

Catch Date: 08/14/2017 17:02 PM

JimmyPNice catch. Good to see you made it back out this way, you couldn't have planned the trip any better fish have been lights out all week.
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Canuck7 ounces!!!! You could club them with that. Nice catch. I am looking forward to getting a down rigger and pursuing Stripers up here. As soon as I get one you will see it.
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Keep swinging
Thought was going to strike out this morning. Gave myself the old "5 more cast and I'm out of here." Third cast into my 5 and felt the hits on the way down. Once the Al Gags reached the bottom couple snaps back and i was tight. Not monster by any means (38 inches 20lbs) but beats a blank any day of the week. #thightlinesalways #keepswinging
fishing report photo of Bass, Striped photo taken on 8/14/2017 8:10:00 AM contributed by JimmyP

Catch Date: 08/14/2017 8:10 AM

Fish Length (in):38 inches

The CrankstaYou've definitely Earned your stripes.
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TerryBAnother amazing catch.
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Shaka AntoineI have yet to catch on the whip it fish. bucktail, and eel jigs have been better to me while jigging.
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JimmyPHonestly first time using the Gags. Thought would be good time to give it a test seeing how much mackerel is around. Seeing as it was productive it earned a spot in bag.
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Look Who I Found
Ran into Capt. Blaq Sparrow tonight on the Misty Morn. As soon as he walked on the boat, I said to myself that I know him from somewhere and then when I saw his shirt it clicked. Fishing was slow tonight as only 5 keepers were boated. I had 2 shorts and I believe the good Captain had 1 short
fishing report photo of Other Species photo taken on 8/13/2017 8:42:00 PM contributed by Skolmann

Catch Date: 08/13/2017 20:42 PM

TerryBTwo great fishermen representing Stackfish!
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CanuckYou guys have to get up here!
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Took some Vitamin Sea and caught this and many others
fishing report photo of Fluke photo taken on 1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM contributed by Dan
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AlgernonHaha vitamin sea. Haven't heard that one before but I like it!
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No topwater or jigs working...swimmers was the ticket
The red hot bite on topwater plugs that was so good only a few weeks ago has slowed down. I had to dig deep in my memory/spy file about a spot I found over the off season. I recalled this was the time of year, and location a video was made there. (At one point the guy that made the video showed up, and I had the sensation of confirmation) I had the same plug in my bag, and two days to see if I can catch fish.

Day one myself, and a few others just couldn't get a hit. I showed up early on day two, spending the whole tide perched on a rock...getting pulled off each time these fish hit my magic swimmer was a side affect of fishing with a tight drag. I could've loosened it but I noticed the other anglers with loose drags missed fish. This 25lbs striper was my first of three for day two...I was happy to release her. I was reworded on my next fish with my personal best. The final fish of this trip was a 21lbs striper, and I was done! Coming up to Cape Cod is always worth the trip even if I don't catch. I'm just happy to be able to put some fish on the rocks when it all comes together...Screaming Drag!
fishing report photo of Bass, Striped photo taken on 8/8/2017 12:45:00 PM contributed by Shaka Antoine

Catch Date: 08/08/2017 12:45 PM

Personal Best Surf Caught Striped Bass!
I needed to clear my head off the grid/unplugged, and alone to focus on catching fish. I caught five fish @8,11,25,33, and 21lbs with this 33lbs, 43.5", by 22.5" cow being my personal best! (Surf caught) I should do that more often...40lbs class is next...Screaming Drags!
fishing report photo of Bass, Striped photo taken on 1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM contributed by Shaka Antoine
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Shaka AntoineThanks Jimmy
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JimmyPNice catch love south cape wave sweep is crazy the bass love it. The hurricane camp excellent fishing to
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Shaka AntoineThanks. Last season we had small Bluefish, and calm seas.
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The CrankstaGreat catch
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With warmer weather sometimes you have to downsize your presentation. Caught this fish on an in-line spinner in the evening. Keep casting...
fishing report photo of Bass, Largemouth photo taken on 8/11/2017 6:44:00 PM contributed by Barry

Catch Date: 08/11/2017 18:44 PM

captainswifeWow Barry! That's a beauty!
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TerryBGood tip. I'll try that here in South Florida.
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Getting Better at Catching them
Really really enjoyed this afternoon of fishing. Catching these beauties helped significantly. Ready to get my fishing mojo on now. Ready to show the guys how it's done...
fishing report photo of Mullet photo taken on 1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM contributed by captainswife
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AlgernonThat's a good haul!
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My 1st post
1st time out this summer, 1st post. Lovely afternoon on the boat with my captain, o captain. Looking forward to more fishing days like this. Caught this one on squid
fishing report photo of Mullet photo taken on 1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM contributed by captainswife
JimmyWelcome to Stackfish!
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williamGreat job keep them pics coming
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TerryBNice to see another gal on here. Let's show them how it's done!
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williamCaptain wife I'm glad the NC Crew was able to convince you to sign on and that there are other women on the site.
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They opened up the Fishing Hole
This post was from this past Wednesday
Well the powers back on to Hatteras island so they open the bridge up to fishermen again.
I knew those sheepshead were hungry so gathered some sand flees and hit the bridge on low tide. REASON on low tide less water movement the fish get into deep holes next to the pilones . It's easy to locate them but hard to catch or get them to bite. He hit sand flee.
fishing report photo of Sheepshead photo taken on 8/9/2017 7:51:00 PM contributed by william

Catch Date: 08/09/2017 19:51 PM

Birthday Fish
Out celebrating my Birthday this morning with my wife and favourite fishing buddy. The fish were frolicking on the surface out in the middle of the lake. I caught this 16" SMB on a #mbcb1m. Tied for best ever. He rolled on the surface within casting distance of #bos-mon just as I finished a retrieve. I cast over there and FISH-ON! Nice fight all the way to the boat. I was happy for his contribution to the festivities.
fishing report photo of Bass, Smallmouth photo taken on 8/11/2017 8:44:00 AM contributed by Canuck

Catch Date: 08/11/2017 8:44 AM

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JimmyHappy birthday Jed!
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Dusk Fluke
I just like the various shades of purples and blues in the sky.
fishing report photo of Fluke photo taken on 1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM contributed by Skolmann
Representing StackFish and puttin fish on the rocks while i do it. #thightlinesalways
fishing report photo of Bass, Striped photo taken on 8/10/2017 9:00:00 AM contributed by JimmyP

Catch Date: 08/10/2017 9:00 AM

Fish Length (in):34 inches

Hello Dinner
Another view of the 21"er from yesterday.
fishing report photo of Fluke photo taken on 8/9/2017 8:29:00 PM contributed by Skolmann

Catch Date: 08/09/2017 20:29 PM

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