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I was born and raised in central NJ. My earliest fishing memories are catching Panfish with a cane pole, followed by Catfish with an old Zebco enclosed push button reel on a 3 ft pole using hotdogs as bait. Alot of time has passed since those days. I now travel to fishing locations by car, boat, or aircraft, instead of bycycle or a ride from my parents. I have met and swapped stories, tips, laughs, and tears with a variety of fishermen worldwide, from all walks of life, and made great friends too.
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Was testing out my new Seigler Reel wreck fishing today, I caught one of the ugliest but cool looking bottom dwellers swimming in our waters, a delicious Sea Raven (Not on our Stackfish species list yet). We fished the Shark River Reef wrecks and had a few Cod and Pollock, nothing really big, and few Tog come up. Plenty of Dogs & Bergalls all around the boat. Could have been better, but I'll take it. Reel worked well first time out, we'll see how it holds up the rest of the season.
fishing report photo of Sea Raven photo taken on 1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM contributed by Fishin Dude
JimmyPretty wild looking fish. I've added Sea Raven to our species list.
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williamDo people eat Sea Ravens???
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Fishin DudeYes, they are edible. I tried it for the first time Saturday evening, which is the reason that I kept it. I thought it was pretty good pan fried with some butter and seasonings.
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williamDo you skin him or fillet like a regular fish
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Fishin DudeFilleted with the skin off. The skin is tough and rough textured, you can't eat that.
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williamWow I'll have a hard time eating something that looked like
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John MI caught one of them a long time ago and never knew what the hell it was! When my brother touched it though it shocked him.. really cool fish!
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