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I mainly do inshore (backbays, bays, rivers and within 15 mikes of the coast) in New Jersey. I try to make 2-3 out of state trips per year. My favorite fishing destination is the Florida Keys to which I've been numerous times. My fishing bucket list destinations include; Australia, The Seychelles, Cabo San Lucas and The Amazon. My son Jason is my frequent fishing partner.
Member Since: Mar 19 2016
Rank: Cuda
Lives In: Freehold,NJ
Fishing Since: Around the age of 7
First Catch: Either a blowfish or Sea Robin
Target Species: Fluke, Striped Bass
Fishing Reports
1st Limit Of The Year
These 3 keepers all just barely made the legal size of 18"- but legal is legal. First NJ fluke limit of the year for me. Caught one other that taped out at 17.3/4"s and missed two other bites.
fishing report photo of Fluke photo taken on 1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM contributed by Skolmann
williamIs that a charter boat in originally from Jersey want to visit and take one out any suggestions
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SkolmannThis was on a party boat. Where in NJ are you going to be ?-I know several charter boats that I can highly recommend that sail out of various ports.
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william I grew up in Passaic I caught boats out of Brielle and Pt. Pleasant I game to travel.
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SkolmannIf you're looking to charter then I'd recommend the Reel Class sailing out of Clarks Landing in Pt. Pleasant. If you're looking to fish the Sandy Hook area then I'd recommend Fins On Feathers sailing out of Leonardo State Marina. I'm sure you can google both to get additional info.
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williamThanks will do
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