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I mainly do inshore (backbays, bays, rivers and within 15 mikes of the coast) in New Jersey. I try to make 2-3 out of state trips per year. My favorite fishing destination is the Florida Keys to which I've been numerous times. My fishing bucket list destinations include; Australia, The Seychelles, Cabo San Lucas and The Amazon. My son Jason is my frequent fishing partner.
Member Since: Mar 19 2016
Rank: Blue
Lives In: Freehold,NJ
Fishing Since: Around the age of 7
First Catch: Either a blowfish or Sea Robin
Target Species: Fluke, Striped Bass
Fishing Reports
Look Who I Found
Ran into Capt. Blaq Sparrow tonight on the Misty Morn. As soon as he walked on the boat, I said to myself that I know him from somewhere and then when I saw his shirt it clicked. Fishing was slow tonight as only 5 keepers were boated. I had 2 shorts and I believe the good Captain had 1 short
fishing report photo of Other Species photo taken on 8/13/2017 8:42:00 PM contributed by Skolmann

Catch Date: 08/13/2017 20:42 PM

TerryBTwo great fishermen representing Stackfish!
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CanuckYou guys have to get up here!
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