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South/ Central Jersey. I have a small boat I use in the Great Bay area out of Mystic Island, NJ, but I do travel around the area to other locations as well.
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Lives In: Great Bay,NJ
Fishing Since: 1995
First Catch: Weakfish
Target Species: Fluke, Tautog, Stripers, Weakfish, and anything that bites my bait
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Slow Day At the Canal
Cliff and I fished the canal for about 4 hours from 6:15-10:15am. We only managed 16 total tog, which is a very slow day for us there. We think it was because the water temp was up to 75 degrees today from all the warm weather. Cliff did manage the first keeper since tautog season reopened. A nice 16 inch fish pictured above.
fishing report photo of Tautog photo taken on 8/30/2018 10:05:00 AM contributed by snick4444

Catch Date: 08/30/2018 10:05 AM

Pt. Pleasant Canal 8-25-18
Cliff and I fished the canal today. Boat traffic was heavy, but we still had a good day. We fished most of the incoming tide and a little of the outgoing and managed 65 tautog and 1 schoolie bass all on green crab. All throwbacks today, we had four over 14 inches, but under 15.
fishing report photo of Tautog photo taken on 1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM contributed by snick4444
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SkolmannI’m going to start swing by the canal either on my way or coming from the inlet where I’ve been doing good with fluke. Heard there was a nice blitz of #2-4 bluefish there yesterday afternoon
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SkolmannDo you ever fish the south jetty at Barnegat Inlet for blackfish ? I haven’t in a few years but might head back this year.
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snick4444 @skolmann yeah i've heard the blues are starting to make their way back in. That's good that you are still getting fluke, down in Great Bay where I am it's starting to die off back bay wise. I have never fished the Barnegat Jetty, but this one guy i used to work with swears by it. He has had a couple close calls falling off the rocks though, maybe that's wise I stay away from it lol
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First Tautog Trip of the Season
Since Tautog reopened on the 1st, Cliff and I decided to try out the canal today before it rained. We stuck it out through the first bad patch of rain and luckily left right before it got real bad. We fished all of the outgoing tide from 5:30am till about 11 landing 42 throwback Tautog. Not a bad day, especially since we usually do better with the incoming tide. A few oyster crackers and a sea bass we're also caught. A guy across the canal also hooked into what looked like a small bass.
fishing report photo of Tautog photo taken on 8/4/2018 7:42:00 AM contributed by snick4444

Catch Date: 08/04/2018 7:42 AM

Navesink River 6/20
Cliff, Cliff, and I went out on the Navesink River. It was a beautiful day on the river for sure. We ended up with 43 total fluke on the trip with 4 keepers ranging from 18" to 20.5" with "little Cliff" netting the big fish of the day at 20.5" and 3.84#. All the fish were caught on gulp. On another note, Cliff's Dad caught the biggest sea robin I ever seen at 17 inches and 2.2 pounds. While it was a fluke trip, that had to take the place of the fluke picture for this story. Question for all of you ( since I am a newbie to this site), can you add multiple species to your catch? Tight lines!
fishing report photo of Fluke photo taken on 1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM contributed by snick4444
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SkolmannShould have entered that sea robin in the Fisherman’s dream boat contest as sea robins are eligible this year.
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Father's Day 6-17-18
Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. Here is our only keeper fluke my dad pulled into the boat today on our Father's Day trip out in Great Bay!
fishing report photo of Fluke photo taken on 1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM contributed by snick4444
Navesink River 6/9
Cliff, Jim, and I hit up the Navesink River again Saturday. We had a good morning bite, and then the bite died and turned into a fish here and there. Think the wind vs tide situation limited our good drifts which could have been the issue. Once the tide changed, the bite picked up a little bit, but not what we are used to in the river. We boated a total of 31 fluke with 5 of them being keepers from 18"-21".
fishing report photo of Fluke photo taken on 1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM contributed by snick4444
Navesink River 5/30
Cliff, Cliff, and I went and rented a boat to fish the Navesink River for the day. It was a foggy morning and we started off with a decent bite in the AM with the incoming tide. Within maybe two hours or so, the bite died down, BIG TIME. It was slow fishing for a good 3 hours and then once the tide changed the fishing picked back up. Between the three of us, we landed 41 fluke with 5 keepers. Also in the mix were a bluefish and some sea robin. Sorry, no fish pictures, as by the time I got home to clean them, the gnats were so bad I just wanted to get done as quick as I could. Was able to snap a picture of the fog we had to deal with.
fishing report photo of Fluke photo taken on 1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM contributed by snick4444
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Schoolie Stripers off Dock
Pretty cool that we get schoolie Stripers that run through our lagoon in Mystic Island. Caught this one tonight. It was about 13 or 14 inches. Caught him on a two inch swim shad casting around off the dock.
fishing report photo of Bass, Striped photo taken on 1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM contributed by snick4444
Opening Day Fluke Season
Love this time of year when fluke season arrives. We had a decent day on the river yesterday. Slow at times, but all in all an awesome day. We had a SW wind that picked up later in the day. Most of our damage was done in the morning with the wind making it difficult in the afternoon. Cliff, Jim, and I landed 24 total fluke with 7 of them being keepers. Jim also landed two pretty decent sea robin as well. I landed my personal best (in the picture), a 22 incher that weighed 3.75 pounds.
fishing report photo of Fluke photo taken on 1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM contributed by snick4444

Fish Length (in):22 inches

Fish Weight (oz):60 ounces

SkolmannWas hoping to see Cliff out there today.
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JimmyCongrats on you PB!
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snick4444Thanks @jimmy! @skolmann , we will be back out there Wednesday!
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Skolmann @snick4444, Wednesday I have to work in the morning so I’m either going to do a late afternoon fluke trip on a party boat or hit the spot I’ve been fishing on the Manasquan River for blues/fluke
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