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Enjoyable and fish filled day with Jason at the Inlet. I caught @15 fluke and one banded rudder fish. Jason had a smorgasbord with sea bass, a banded rudder fish, one big ugly star gazer, a nice snapper blue and some short fluke. He topped off his catch with this nice 22”+ fluke.

Couple of side notes; #1 we were there when they brought in the injured crew men from the sand dredging barge. Jason got a look at the injured and said one looked in bad shape., #2 We noticed a diver working east of us (nothing unusual about that)- however as time went on he not only worked his way down towards us but further off the wall until he was a good 30 feet out. To top it off, his dive flag got wet so any and all boats would have a difficult time in spotting. Anyone who knows the inlet knows that bend by the monument where both party boats and commercial boats exit and enter- well he was right in the middle. He got lucky that none of those came through, although a jet ski did run over his dive line that connected him to his dive buoy. Not only did he turn the bite off for those he was in front of (he was spear fishing). He became very confrontational when we informed him of the danger he was in and how he was effecting those of us who were fishing . I finally flagged down a passing state police boat who told him he was a dumb shit before telling him to either get out of the water or go closer to the wall. Darwinism.9/3/18.
fishing report photo of Fluke photo taken on 9/3/2018 4:50:00 PM contributed by Skolmann

Catch Date: 09/03/2018 16:50 PM

Getting the upper hand on my fishing buddies. I had to show them who's still #1.
fishing report photo of Bass, Largemouth photo taken on 4/1/2017 6:15:00 AM contributed by Willie

Catch Date: 04/01/2017 6:15 AM

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Bass #2 on a six pack bass day. First cast after slipping #1 back in the water.
fishing report photo of Bass, Largemouth photo taken on 1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM contributed by Tdawg
First catfish caught on Father Day fishing adventure with #1 daughter. Now dash 2 wants to go, may need a bigger boat.
fishing report photo of Catfish photo taken on 6/18/2016 8:15:00 AM contributed by Tdawg

Catch Date: 06/18/2016 8:15 AM

TerryBMy first catfish I was petrified to get near. I give big props for your daughter holding it up for the picture.
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Jimmyahh, the old get my daughters to fish so I can get a bigger boat trick! lol
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CanuckDoes anyone make three person kayaks? :)
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TdawgHave to look for a triyak??
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Red crawdad! As I was beaching the boat for a pit stop he was heading back in the water. As bright red as a cooked lobster! This would explain Canuck's success with his soft crawdad lure and crawdad red Baby Mann's. Probably #1 on the menu for Potomac LMB at the moment. I should have thought faster and netted him vs taking the pic and used him for bait but that would surely be a tale of chaos and entanglement in the the yak with lines, hooks, net and a very annoyed 7 inch crustacean with huge claws.
fishing report photo of Crawfish photo taken on 5/7/2016 9:18:00 AM contributed by Tdawg

Catch Date: 05/07/2016 9:18 AM

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